Training and Implementation

ITS offers a wide range of training and implementation courses, developed in conjunction with leading industry consultants and trends. Our training courses cover the full spectrum of Virtual Design and Construction requirements; they are based on the latest software and provide the most relevant and up-to-date information.

The integration of BIM and VDC comes with many challenges. Due to the constantly evolving technology landscape, many firms lack the resources and expertise to implement and maintain a high level of BIM. This is where ITS’s training and implementation programs come in.

At ITS, we begin our training programs by assessing our clients, allowing us to identify all technological skill gaps. We follow by customizing a training program suited to the client’s needs. Once training is complete, our clients can choose to go through an introductory project under ITS mentorship. This will allow our clients to refine the skills they have learnt throughout training. ITS also provides support services to help our clients with any issues they may encounter. Our programs are designed to provide our clients with all the assistance they may require to implement BIM and ensure a smooth transition to VDC.