Digital Development

The AEC and Real Estate industries have been slow to integrate digital technologies that require up-front investments, even when the long-term benefits have proven to be positive. Spending on information technology and R&D runs well below the average of other industries.

These industries still rely on paper to manage many of the processes and deliverables which include blueprints, drawings, procurement orders, equipment logs and progress reports. This results in delayed and non-universal information sharing with different contractors often working on different versions of documents. Crucially, the prevalence of non-digitized processes leads to slow and ineffective information management and analysis and ultimately lower productivity.

At ITS, we provide innovative digital development solutions, allowing our clients to shift towards a more digital management system. This ensures more efficient information analysis, coordination and quality control leading to a more productive enterprise.

ITS provides digital development services tailored to our clients’ needs. Our services include application development, software implementation, cloud integration and process digitization. We aim to digitize project-management work flows while integrating planning, budgeting, procurement, scheduling and document management.

Digitization can be applied to individual work processes or can be connected to form entire digital enterprises. ITS provides digital services that include but are not limited to the following:

Digital Development