Asset Management

The importance of Information and Asset Management (AM), guided by emerging technologies and supported by industry standards, is quickly gaining momentum within the AEC industry. As assets become more complex, owners are seeking to use the newly found information to achieve whole-life cycle performance efficiencies from their physical assets. Current data sets, however, are usually held in disjointed platforms and generated by multiple software using a wide range of standards and formats: this leads to less than optimum value creation.

At ITS, we provide complete Asset Management services that ensure good stewardship of all data throughout the asset lifecycle. We oversee all the data integration and work management throughout the project lifecycle and find innovative ways to apply the data, ensuring maximum value creation for our clients.

By implementing a comprehensive Asset Management plan, ITS provides asset owners with increased transparency in Facility Management, improving maintenance, planning and scheduling. Our AM services also allow our clients to better manage their risks, downtime and safety while also reducing operating costs and extending the lifecycle of their assets.