At ITS, we understand the importance of new technologies and their role in shaping the future of our industries. As such we constantly seek new and innovative services that can bring value to our clients.

BIM Services

Building Information Modeling, known as BIM, is an intelligent model-based process that uses 3D models to capture and manage all the information on a project – before, during and after construction.

In addition to spatial design parameters and specifications, BIM takes a project’s cost and schedule into consideration. The project data is constantly updated to reflect the status of all different areas and is used and shared by all parties involved which enables efficient coordination and prompt response to change.

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Consulting Services

Every project is unique and requires great attention to detail. At ITS, we use our experience and knowledge to focus on providing value. We aim to maximize our client’s investment by providing them with a wide array of innovative solutions to increase their efficiency, collaboration and sustainability.

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Project Management Support

Construction projects are a complex process with many moving parts and challenges. At ITS, we manage the design, planning and execution of a project from conception to completion. We guarantee quality, logistics, risk mitigation, time and budget compliance by utilizing the highest standards in virtual design and construction management technology. This allows us to increase construction quality and building performance, reduce construction costs and waste, and mitigate project risks and delays.

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Today, in a global collaborative environment, we are shifting from 3D to a fully immersive reality. To support our BIM and VDC services, ITS provides a range of Virtual and Augmented reality services. Contractors and clients will be able to walk through their BIM models and experience their projects virtually. This will allow for designers and engineers to communicate effectively and efficiently, mitigating the risks associated with design decisions and changes.

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Digital Development

The AEC and Real Estate industries have been slow to integrate digital technologies that require up-front investments, even when the long-term benefits have proven to be positive. Spending on information technology and R&D runs well below the average of other industries.

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Asset Management

The importance of Information and Asset Management (AM), guided by emerging technologies and supported by industry standards, is quickly gaining momentum within the AEC industry. As assets become more complex, owners are seeking to use the newly found information to achieve whole-life cycle performance efficiencies from their physical assets. Current data sets, however, are usually held in disjointed platforms and generated by multiple software using a wide range of standards and formats: this leads to less than optimum value creation.

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Training and Implementation

ITS offers a wide range of training and implementation courses, developed in conjunction with leading industry consultants and trends. Our training courses cover the full spectrum of Virtual Design and Construction requirements; they are based on the latest software and provide the most relevant and up-to-date information.

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